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Tony Crimlisk Songs

Here are some demos of songs from the four musical comedies and one pantomime I've written for our local U3A Musical Theatre Group.   There are well over fifty completely original songs in various styles including ballads, C&W, love songs and duets, comedy songs, dances etc.. The musical, 'Bob Cratchitt - Retired', was written with Dr Eric Midwinter co-founder of the U3A in the UK who wrote the script and lyrics. The scripts, music manuscripts and song backings on CD are available, without charges, to any U3A or amateur musical theatre group who would like to consider performing them.  I only ask that full rights to authorship and copyright of all the material is acknowledged.   I'd also like contacts with publishers and/or singers wanting  original songs for performance or auditions etc..  For further information and permissions contact me at:,   For more background visit my website at:    I am a member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers and already published by Boosey and Hawkes, Universal Edition and EMI.

Click below or on the buttons above to hear basic demos of some of the songs:

'Autumn Hope' - a strong ballad with lyric by Judith Crimlisk, demo sung by Ann Hankin ('Making Waves')

 'You Gotta Make the Most of What You've Got' - demo by Tony Crimlisk ('Santa's Secret Summer School')
'That's Christmas to Me' - a Christmas ballad, demo by Tony Crimlisk ('Santa's Secret Summer School')
'I'm Still Doing OK' - upbeat song, demo sung by Tony Adamson, lyric by David Dunn ('That Terrible U3A')
'Quiet Times' - a slow reminiscing ballad, demo sung by Tony Crimlisk ('Making Waves')

'Taking the First Train Out' - dramatic, C&W style demo sung by John Hardiker ('Making Waves')

'It's Just Natural' - a romantic duet for two, demo sung here by Colin Ratcliff and Heather Furnival ('Making Waves')

'Clara's Dance' - instrumental from 'Santa's Secret Summer School'
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