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'Bob Cratchitt - Retired'

A musical comedy written in collaboration with the

co-founder of the U3A in the UK Dr Eric Midwinter


It tells the story of Bob Cratchitt, Scrooge’s long-suffering clerk from Dicken’s classic tale; ‘A Christmas Carol’, as he is about to retire.   Bob is helped by three very modern ghosts, but not at all by his son ‘Tiny’ Tim who (cured of his lameness), has become a rather snooty rich banker with an even snootier wife.  There are eighteen completely original and witty songs and dances in this fun show.   Watch out for Scrooge as well; he really has reformed!

Come to Scrooge and Marley's Shop

Here's a Drollness

Changing Affections

Lullaby for Ebineezer Scrooge

Over the Hill


Why Didn't We Think of Doing this Before?

Just a few demos of songs from:


'Bob Cratchitt - Retired'

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